A Journey of a 1000 miles starts with a single step

Alaska 2001 Alaska

In January 2001 Janet and I went to Alaska to go on a 2 week Dog Sledding holiday

The holiday appealed to use because it did not seem as restrictive as other sledding holidays we had looked at. In principal it was going to be just me and Janet and our guide Jon of EarthSong Lodge with 20 sled dogs out on the Alaskan tundra near Mt Delanli either staying in small huts use by workmen in the summer or camping. We camped for 3 nights and the daytime temperature got down to below -20c, which is actually quite warm for that area in January!

I took this while riding on the sled runners traveling through a ground blizzard
We didn't see anyone else the whole time we were away from the Earth Song Lodge. One evening we saw 5 lynx on a hillside near our camp, we also saw reindeer but not much other wildlife as we had 20 dogs with us.