A Journey of a 1000 miles starts with a single step

My initial obsession - Climbing My initial obsession - Climbing

I was attempting more hard rock climbs and had started Winter climbing in UK and Alpine climbing in the summer. Janet and I were still taking foreign holidays to pursue our mountaineering e.g. climbing in the Tetons (Rocky Mountains. USA) but were also taking in more activities as well. This was primarily instigated by Janet because my focus was very single minded and one track - climbing.

I actually have very few pictures of me climbing because all the photos I took feature other people.
I do have a few that were taken by other people or that are scenic shots from the Alps or around the world.

UK climbing - sea cliffs

Scotland Winter


World climbing

We also climbed in various contries around the world; Kenya, Tanzania, Borneo, Australia, New Zealand, Equador, Mexico, and the USA
I would take any opportunity to go climbing, and when I had to go the USA for work I even took my climbing gear then and did some routes in Alabama, which is not the first place that would spring to mind to go climbing, but that's where the work was.

Route summary

The number of routes by grade that I climbed each year.