A Journey of a 1000 miles starts with a single step

My recovery - still ongoing Recovery - still ongoing

My recovery from the accident has been a longer road than I thought it would be, despite being told by various therapist and doctors that it would be.

There is more information about the initial problems I faced, my philosophy about recovery and the ongoing problems that I still have now. I also have a Recovery Diary with some of the more significant points of my recovery.

There had been some talk of me being admitted to RNHRD but I 'too well' for this. In retrospect it was probably a good thing, because after my first visit there with Janet, I had to travel there by bus from home (about 10 miles) and then find the hospital in what seemed to me to be a completely unrecognisable town. So in fact this was good therapy in it's own way

In fact during the course of my therapy I did on one occasion walk the 10 miles home, and towards the end of my treatment there took to going in by bus and running home.

The physios I saw had no objections to me doing some yoga to improve my flexibility and balance.

I also started doing pilates to improving my core strength and balance.

I am sure that being fairly fit before the accident speeded up my recovery. After spending 5 weeks fairly inactive, unconsious for the first week, I needed to regain my strength. This was in addition to recovering from the head injury and phyisical injuries

Mark of TrueCare came to visit about once a week from 26 Feb to accompany me on local walks initially then visits to the gym for about 2 months mainly to ensure that I didn’t have any balance/coordination problems walking and using the gym equipment. I was using the exercise bikes, running machine and free weights.
The bike and running machine to try to recover some level of fitness and the free weights to carry out some of the exercises that the physios had recommended to me for my wrist and shoulder.