A Journey of a 1000 miles starts with a single step

Stonehenge Stomp - 2005 Stonehenge Stomp - 2005

We did this as training for the High Peak Marathon in March

Myself, Martin and Bob were able to do this but Phil was not able to join us as it was his sons birthday that day.
We ran it together so we would get a feel for how each other were going to be going during the HPM.
The Stonehenge Stomp is a LDWA organised event which you can run but it is not a race and timekeeping is up to the individuals.
We carried our rucksacks and the gear that we would have on the HPM, which included a tent and sleeping bag for emergencies.
Despite carrying all the extra gear we still got around the course in about the same time I took when I ran the Neolithic Marathon the year before.