A Journey of a 1000 miles starts with a single step

Manic Midsummer Midweek Duathlon - September 2006 September Duathlon

I was not expecting to improve on my August result having done little training between them.

I was a bit faster but not by the same margin as the last improvement, but this is certainly down to the change of bike last time. Like the August Duathlon, I cycled the 6 mile there as my 'warmup'.
I suspect that the cycling part is where I should be able to make the most improvement because I have not really done any bike speed training.
My run times are are fairly consistent since the first one of these I did so I would be very suprised if I can do either of the runs much faster.
I need to focus more of cycle training in any case for my planned 3 Peaks, 2 Legs and a Bike.