A Journey of a 1000 miles starts with a single step

Rough 'n' Tumble 2007 Rough 'n' Tumble 2007

This year I thought I should make this part of my training for the 3 Peaks, 2 Legs, 1 Bike by cycling the 24 miles to the event, running it then cycling home again.

One day soon I will learn that your feet get really cold on a bike even when it does not feel too cold on the skin. The cycle ride there was OK except for the 'wooden' feet when I arrived, but I had got there in 1hr 35min having left home at 8:15, so had plenty of time to warm my feet and get changed into running gear.
I met up with Woj who had offered to take me and my bike to have something to eat after the race with a few other Runners World forum members.
Conditions were good, sunny, few clouds and no wind, underfoot is was not as wet as I had expected after the previous weeks of rain.
I think I said at one point that I would not be 'racing' it as I needed to save my legs for the cycle home. Naturally once the race stated I found it hard not to go as fast as I could and even managed to run up most of the first two hills which I had not done before.
In fact at about the 5 mile marker I had been doing 9 minute miles, so I was 'racing' it really.
I slowed alot in the next half and after about 8.5 miles was generally finding it hard going and had to walk alot. I had run out of energy, I should have had some more to eat before I started.
I finished in a reasonable time, considering the cycle there before. I managed to better my time from 2005 but not 2006.
I reckon that if I had not cycled there I could have kept going at the 9 min mile pace and possibly even have got under 1hr 30min.
Woj then gave me a lift to the leisure center in Pewsey for a shower and then to the pub in Wooton Rivers to meet the others.
It was good to meet other runners after the race, in fact it was so nice sitting it the pub that I delayed my departure to cycle home until too late really.
I ended up phoning Janet for a pick up in Devises becasue it had got very dark and I an nervous of cycling in the dark even though I had lights on. Janet actually picked me up in Allington having driven out to meet me.
So I only cycled about 10 miles of my return trip.
I had cycled 24 miles on Saturday with the Chippenham Wheelers, then the 24 miles to the 10 mile race and 10 back all added up to a good weekend. 58 miles cycling and a 10 mile race.