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Rough 'n' Tumble 2006 Rough 'n' Tumble 2006

I had decided that I should do this event again to get a measure of whether I was getting faster through the speed training I had been doing.

Naturally this is also dependant on conditions, I thought it was less muddy than last year but someone I spoke to said they thought it had been frozen more last year, so that would mean that it was not a muddy. Certainly my recollection was that there was alot more water on the course last year.

At the start
I started nearer the front this year, not at the front where I would get trampled by faster runners and hold them up, but a suitable distance back. This turned out to be about right, I did not really have the same problems with getting slowed down by having to wait until a wider part of track to pass anyone.
I also do not think that I was getting passed by so many people that I had started too close to the front. I was very pleased with how I came in, 8 minutes faster than last year, I'd like to get under 90 min though next year, assuming that I do it again which I probably will.

Finishing - quite tired!