A Journey of a 1000 miles starts with a single step

Marlborough Downs 33 - 2005 Marlborough Downs 33 - 2005

This is my local ultra event, held only 30min drive away. At least the start is, some parts of the route are closer to my home.

It also crosses over the route of the Neolithic Marathon and there is a 20 mile option that reverses the start of the Neolithic back to Avebury.
As it was so close and I had trained for the Neolithic in the same area, I ran the sections I did not know in my training for this event.
It was actually not the best condition that I have run in, it rained quite alot, most heavily along the canal into Devises, and I was in the cloud going over Morgans Hill, which is only 258m above sea level.
As you can see from the picture of me finishing it did stop raining eventually, and the sun must have been stuggling to come out as there is a shadow!