A Journey of a 1000 miles starts with a single step

Longleat 10k - 2006 Longleat 10k 2006

This is the shortest, potentially the fastest event I have done so far

This will mark the end of my speed training phase before I change over to distance training for my Pembroke Coast Path run at the end of May.
It is however not purely a speed training session as I am cycling to Longleat from home, so it's just a quick 10k sandwiched in a 64k bike ride!

Well it was a cold bike ride this morning but luckily not as cold as it has been recently, still cold enough to freeze the water bottle on my bike.

I also took an exploritory route there i.e. went the wrong way, and as a result only got there about 30min before the start, not not long enough to warm up properly.
The cold had an interesting affect on my legs, they didn't start working properly until about 2k in, but despite this I managed 46 min

Near the house
It was much warmer cycling home which I did alot quicker despite my legs feeling very tired, this must have been because I went the right way home! I ended up biking 72k in then end.