A Journey of a 1000 miles starts with a single step

Foxtrot 5 - 2006 Foxtrot 5 2006

This was planned to be my first proper run after twisting my ankle on my Pembrokeshire Coast Path run.

I had been out running at lunchtimes but not hard or much off road becasue I wanted the make sure my ankle would be OK, this became somewhat redundant when I ended up running 18 miles off road on the day before this event with a friend. At least this proved to me that my ankle had recovered although it was still not 'feeling right'.
I cycled the 2 miles from home to this race to help loosen my legs up and was quite pleased with my finishing time, just over 7 minute miles, faster than I should have realistically expected.
Foxtrot 5 - first running event since the Pembrokshire Coast Path