A Journey of a 1000 miles starts with a single step

Chilly Duathlon Castle Coombe - Nov 2005 Chilly Duathlon 2005

This was my first foray into the world of multi-disipline events, run-bike-run

This had more appeal for me than a triathlon as it leaves out the swimming part. It was a sprint duathlon 2-10-2.

At the start

I just hung around near the back at the start so I would not get in anyones way, and it also gives a psycological boost as you pass people!

finishing the first run


I found the transition part quite staight forward, but I had no shoes to change. All I did was put on my bike helmet and a pair of gloves.

On the bike

I was not the only person on a mountain bike, and I am pleased to say that no other mountain bikes passed me until a friend, Bob Sanders, did on the last lap.
I did not pass any road bikes, I'll have to get one for my next attempt. I did leave the transition ahead of Bob though

Finishing group of runners
I like to think that I made up any of the ground I lost by having a mountain bike on the last run, when I passed quite few other runners and none went past me.

Passing runners in the finishing group

Finishing the run
I was pleased with how my race went, and now that I am more familiar with the affects of bike to run transition I feel confident that I'll do the next one in under 1 hour.