A Journey of a 1000 miles starts with a single step

Manic Midsummer Midweek Duathlon - August 2006 August Duathlon - 2006

This was the first event that I took part in after the ankle injury I got while running the Pembrokeshire Coast Path.

The duathlon at Castle Coombe is held on the motor racing circuit and the run is around the permimeter of the circuit on mainly smooth surfaces. This ment that I would not have to worry so much about my ankle strength as I would if it was on off road event.

This was also the start of my build up to my planned fund raising effort for next year, and the first time that I had used be newly aquired (2nd hand- 50) road bike in anger, I put most of my impoved time down to having a road bike instead of the mountain bike I used at the Chilly Duathlon last year.

I should see an improvement in my time if I don't cycle the 8 miles there from home that I did for this.