A Journey of a 1000 miles starts with a single step

Running Training for 3 Peaks, 2 Legs and a Bike 3 Peaks Running Training

My weekly mileage has dropped off quite significantly from even after the Pembroke Coast Path run.

Although the mileage had been reduced some of my training runs have been quite hard.
On New Years day 2007 I ran over Scafell following the route that I planned to take up Scafell from Wast Water but then instead of going on down into Borrowdale went down to Langdale where I was picked up. From this run I know that it is possible to cross Scafell in 3 hours, although I would hope that the condiftions are better than the snow and ice underfoot which reduced me to a slow walk on the tops.
In February I ran my planned route over Snowdon, up the Snowdon Ranger path and came down to Pen-y-Pass over Lliwedd.

Snowdon Summit from the path
This also took me 3 hours, and I think I need to revise my route down because it was not possible to run over LLiwedd. It was too rocky and involved having to scramble rather than run or even walk.
As well as these 2 reconnisance runs I have also done one interval or hill session a week to keep things going on the running side.
I have also done some bike/run/bike sessions when I have cycled to a race, run the race then cycled home. The most recent of these was when I cycled into Bath to run the Bath Beat and then cycled home. As well as cycling to and from the event I had also cycled about 75 miles the day before into work and back.