A Journey of a 1000 miles starts with a single step

On-going Problems Recovery - On-going Problems

I still have some on-going problems, albeit of a much reduced nature

My recovery progress in

June 2005

January 2007

February 2010


I am now back at work on a 5 day week and have been since October 2007, intially I found this wearing but now I believe that I am as fully recovered as I will be and probably back to where I was in 2002. Maybe fitter than I was then.


The fatigue is not a significant problem now. I am still exercising most lunchtimes, running and swiming and cycling in the summer.


The 'tightness' of my wrist is not a problem but it still there.


I am still taking daily penicillin, I expecting to review this with my GP in the coming months.

Minor Problems

Numb face/jaw - Although I do not notice much numbness/lack of feeling around my mouth and lips when it's cold, I have recently become aware that I tend to hold some tension in my jaw. I suspect this is a result of having clenched my jaw subconsciously when my lips were alot more numb than now and it is a habit that I am going to have to get out of.
Shoulder - I am not swimming specifically with sorting this problem out in mind, but front crawl does require full rotation of the shoulder joints and I think that this has helped significantly.