A Journey of a 1000 miles starts with a single step

Headway Jersey - visit April 2007 Jersey visit April 2007

I visited Jersey on April 21st/22nd 2007 at the invitation of Headway to launch their 10 miles for 10 years anniversary as a prelude to the Jersey Marathon and to open their new headquarters at the Le Coie centre.

One reason for my visit was to open Le Coie, the new Headway centre.

The official opening of the Le Coie Centre - April 2007

Ater the official opening of the center I gave a talk on my 'Journey of Recovery' - the problems I encountered and how I dealt with them, in getting back to full health after my accident in 2003. There were quite a few members there for the talk, around 25-30, and staff and volunteers. I thought that it was generally well received, I could see nodding heads when I made certain points. I think that because I was speaking from my own experience it may well have carried more weight than hearing the same from someone who had not.

The talk and this website were both initiated by the fact that after my accident Janet found it very difficult to find any information about recovery from severe brain injury. I felt that if I made this information available, other brain injury sufferers, family and friends could see that if they were to use the same philosophy as I had, they could enhance their own recoveries.

This philosophy can be applied by anyone trying to achieve their aims, you do not have to have suffered a head injury to benefit from it.

I also spoke with Helen Baker of the Standard Chartered Bank and she told that the course for 2007 will only have slight variations from the previous year and that route profile would be put on their website soon. Standard Chartered Jersey Marathon in Association with Headway.