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Alpine Climbing Alpine Climbing

My Alpine climbing was a natural extension to my winter forays

Though my Alpine climbing has mainly taken place in the Alps, I have done a limited amount outside the Alps.
This has been only on easier routes with Janet, but I was due to go away with a group of friends to Peru in 2003 but my accident ment that I didn't go. Probably a good thing, certainly one less thing for Janet to worry about.

My first trip to the Alps was with Janet in 1999 to the Duaphene Alps which is on the West of the Alps Massif near Grenoble.

We warmed up by climbing a rock pinnacle, Aigullie Dibona, that over looks the valley, this was my first ever Alpine route and a very impressive looking piece of rock

After we had done this we went around to Ailefriod where we based ourselves for a valley rock climb (Fissure Aliefroid) and climbed Dome de Neige and almost got up Barre Des Ecrins but my lack of experience, not moving fast enough and not taking any rock protection gear, ment that for the sake of safey we turned back about 500m from the summit.

I took another trip a couple friends then started had 2 years of doing harder climbs with another climber who had been going to the Alps every year for about 40 years! He was very experience and fast.

The best part was some of scenery we climbed in:

The Grand Joraasse

Aiguille de Bionassay - we climbed the big snow/ice face

Mt Blanc Summit