A Journey of a 1000 miles starts with a single step

Ongoing Problems: January 2007 Status June 2006

Now January 2007, 4 years after my accident I still experience some minor problems


Consecutive days of concentration at work remains the most significant problem.
I continue to exercise during lunchtimes at work, I feel this does revitalise me and make me more alert for an afternoon of mental effort.
Generally it will be a 4-6 mile run, a 10-15 mile bike ride or a visit to the gym, all of which have the same revitalising affect.


I do still exercise my wrist on occasions, either when I go to the gym or when I'm sitting at my desk. I still feet some 'tightness' but greatly reduced.


I am still taking daily penicillin, I do not anticipate this changing unless there is some new medical advice.

Minor Problems

Tingling arms/fingers and leg/feet - This in no longer a problem, the tingling has stopped in my fingers and toes which were the last place that I could still sense it.
Numb face/jaw - I still have some mild numbness/lack of feeling around my mouth and lips especially when it's cold.
Shoulder - I had not noted this down before, but I had damaged my left shoulder rotator cuff muscles in the near dislocation of my shoulder. My shoulder always feels 'heavy' in the same way that my legs did in the first year of so, it does not hurt but when I move my shoulder I can feel it grating. The joint is not aligned correctly, I have a protruding end on the collar bone, and I suspect that there are other parts of what is quite a complex joint that are not sitting correctly.